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Clinical Tools

Systems Survey : This is a subjective and thorough questionnaire that is sectioned in groups by body system. It provides an accurate clinical picture of the patient/client’s present health and specific body system challenges. There is also an electronic version of this questionnaire available.

Adrenal Questionnaire : This is a brief subjective adrenal questionnaire that helps identify hyper or hypo adrenal function.

Stress-Assess Questionnaire : This is a detailed, subjective questionnaire that helps determine the variety and severity of stressors affecting the patient/client. Based on the scoring, and information, the practitioner can target recovery approaches to address specific areas.

Toxicity Questionnaire : This is a short but thorough subjective questionnaire that identifies specific areas of concern by body system, that may be affected by toxicity. Scoring is self-explanatory.

Digestive Screening Questionnaire : This is a subjective and thorough questionnaire designed to uncover a variety of digestive imbalances, and help determine approaches to resolve.

Hormone-Testing Questionnaire : This questionnaire is used for patients/clients who are doing a salivary, urine or blood test for sex-hormones. It provides information helpful in interpreting the lab-test and approaches to help resolve.

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