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Ongoing Training
We offer several ongoing nutritional practice growth opportunities on a first come first serve basis

The Essentials of a Comprehensive Nutritional Practice
Watch for specific area brochures. For more information, contact Rich Laurino at (443) 243-3888 or richlaurinosp@gmail.com

Mid-Atlantic Wellness Nutrition holds a variety of webinars on health-related topics and new products on a regularly scheduled basis. Subscribe to our Learning Opportunities (LO’s) for more information or check the Standard Process website.

Study Groups
Regularly-scheduled “Lunch & Learns” or evening “Eat & Meet gatherings” with your peers to discuss pertinent health topics, best practices & anecdotal approaches to health conditions as well as emerging nutritional and herbal research and support. See your Associate Representative for more information or to start one in your area with our support. Join us in helping one another to learn from each other to be better equipped to help patients and grow your practice. For more information contact Barbara at barbara@spdelmarva.com or (540) 854-9370.

Would you like to have a Study Group Conference Call? Let Barbara know!